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Linking to the CatCam If you'd like to link to the CatCam, here's a snippet of HTML that will do the job:

<!-- begin CatCam link -->
<a href=""><img 
<!-- end CatCam link -->

And here's what it looks like:

Web cam lists A list of links to sites which feature lists of Web cams.

Probably the most comprehensible list of Web cams available on the Web.

Erik Max Francis' links: Web cams
My collection of links to Web cams.

bsy's List of Internet Accessible Machines
"This is my list of various interesting machines that are accessible via the Internet."

Electric Earl
Links to Web cams in California and around the world.

Yahoo!: Webcams
Yahoo!'s list of Web cams.

Open Directory: Webcams
The Open Directory Project's Web cam links.

Animal Cams
"A small database of animal Web cams."

Thingys on the Web
A large list of various interesting devices accessible via the Web, mostly concentrating on the Web cams.

Live Cams
"I admit it, I'm fascinated by live cams. Once in a while I get tired of Florida sand and want to see some mountains. Or maybe I want to catch a Vancouver sunset or check out a storm somewhere. Sometimes I'm just curious."

Helmut Halfmann's Realtime Camera Paradise
A list of Web cams, maintained since 1996.

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