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What media publicity the CatCam has received

Whole Earth Networks (1997 May)
The CatCam was listed in Whole Earth Networks' 1997 May On the Web list.

MicroRevue (1997 Oct)
The French game magazine MicroRevue gave a very pleasant review of the CatCam in their #8 (1997 Oct) issue.

New Zealand Netguide (1997 Dec)
The CatCam made New Zealand Netguide's top 500 websites from 1997 December.

Los Angeles Times (1998 Aug 10)
In a column called "The cutting edge," the Los Angeles Times mentioned the CatCam in a section called "creature features."

FOX Files (1998 Aug 13)
The CatCam was mentioned briefly on the 1998 Aug 13 episode of FOX Files. Not bad.

Dallas Morning News (1999 Mar 16)
The CatCam was mentioned again on the Dallas Morning News, in an article called "Webcam sites -- something to watch after the paint dries."

Leeza Show (1999 Mar 29)
Leeza Gibbons mentioned the CatCam briefly on her show, as an example of a Web cam that wasn't totally useless. Well, I suppose that's some comfort.

Practical Internet (1999 Jul)
The British magazine Practical Internet awarded the CatCam Webcam of the Month.

Family PC (1999 Aug)
This magazine mentioned the CatCam in an article on Web cams, as well. They wrote, "Never in the brief history of the Internet has so much attention been lavished on a single cat" -- this was written before, but published after, I got Athena.

Cat Fancy (1999 Aug)
The popular magazine Cat Fancy listed the CatCam in an article on p. 10 called "Who's that web star in tabby stripes?" Listed second, it describes Beowulf (the article was also written, although not published, before Athena arrived) as "a brown tabby with gorgeous amber eyes."

Internet Cafe (1999 Oct 8)
I was interviewed on the PBS program Internet Cafe episode titled "Just for Fun" during the week of 1999 Oct 10.
What awards have been won

Tres Bizarre (1997 Jul 28)
For some reason the CatCam got mentioned as 1997 Jul 28's "Tres Bizarre happening of the day."

TechMall (1998 Apr)
In 1998 Apr the CatCam received the TechMall Editor's Choice Award.

LineOne's Nature Club (1998 Aug 12)
The UK service provider LineOne reviewed the CatCam in their nature section on 1998 Aug 12.

A Treasury of Pet Humor (2000 Jan 1)
The CatCam was chosen as one of the top 5% pet/animal sites and was given the "Cool Pet Site" award.

The Fat Cat Site (2000 Feb 21)
"Meana has to offer approved 'Fat Cat' Web sites his own Fat Cat Award! The award is given to cat sites, large and small, that show good representation of cats on the Internet." Cats (2000 Jul 19)
"The most recent images were very blurry when I looked, but judging by the 'Best of' photos, it works better on other days. Kitties are Beowulf and Athena."

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